The liberation of discipline.

Insightful, exciting, livable architecture doesn't "just happen." Process is key. Every step is significant - and, clients tell us, enjoyable.

We are architects, designers and affiliated staff. We are highly innovative and doggedly pragmatic.

It's testament to our process that 98% of our plans are actually built - in an age when most architects see half or fewer of their designs completed. Much of our success is due to our honest assessment of client's budgets, and our determination to use them to maximum effect.

Lifestyle by Design

Further, we get to know our clients as individuals. We study lifestyles, hour-by-hour, day-by-day. This step provides unique insight into a client's true needs and desires. We ask clients to visit completed projects with features they admire. We listen sincerely to, and analyze, their observations.

We literally walk the client's site, noting major views, adjacent homes, orientation to the sun, topography and grade. This tells us how to place the home for optimal exposure and aesthetics, and how to address man-made and natural restrictions - municipal codes, for instance, or the proximity of wetlands.

Drawings and details

We provide small-scale drawings with several site options, and work with the client until the layout of the overall space is enthusiastically agreed upon. Next, in the schematic design phase, we formulate an overall concept and a building program. From this point on, the entire team, including engineers, interior designers and builders, are involved.

Directed by the lead architect, the team begins the final construction drawings. We work closely with the builder during the design development and construction document phase to make sure that the budgetary plan is being met.

From the start, our interior design team is involved in the design process. Our interior designer will create an overall vision of the project in direct conjunction with our architectural design team. If the client has hired an interior designer, our interior designer will meet with that professional to help coordinate the overall vision of the project and create a furniture plan.

Once drawings are completed, permits are obtained and construction begins. Dominick and his team administer each phase of construction until the project is completed.
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